PARts CED Company Enhanced Data

Have your cake and eat it too: Your custom data, with global standards. Do it your way – Unique to you, controlled by you.



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PARts CED is your point of difference  – make the data work for you and sell more.


PARts Company Enhanced Data is a flexible way of grouping or categorising parts and can be used in a surprising amount of ways.

  • Suppliers can use custom data to enhance or replace standard system data while retaining the core.
  • Sellers can personalise and customise criteria, categories, filters and even vehicle lookup’s.
  • Sellers can create new Kits and Bundles* across multiple brands and product types.
  • Build your own custom web solution while using standard data.
  • Link your internal SKU or inventory system part numbers to brands and MPNs.
  • Unique to you, only visible by you.

*Kitting and Bundling service is an optional service exclusive to PARts


Optimised for auto parts Trade and Retail e-commerce

PARts B2 customers can use standards and standardised data, but enhance it with their own CED categories and criteria, ideal for both B2B and B2C.





Great for web developers and custom e-commerce sites too

All PARts customers including those using PARts BX can create their own vehicle lookup using CED Custom Categories. Keep the standard product and fitment links, but create your own custom groups, look-ups and category tree’s. Your developers can show you and your customers your data any way you want.





CED lets customers and users have the best of both data worlds

PARts CED allows for Custom Categories and Criteria for tailored filtering, categorisation and data sets. The ‘one-to-many’ structure of CED means products can be categorised in many different ways.

Only you can see your CED data so brands can enhance their PARts data standards with additional information that only they can see or use.

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CED Categories are the heavy artillery of auto parts data

PARts CED Categories allow products to be linked to one or multiple categories using the PARts Console interface. Build multiple category trees to 6 levels with a true one-to-many relationship. The options are limitless.

  • Custom vehicle look-up
  • Product categories
  • Replicate and link to your channel categories like Amazon, Ebay and Partsales

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CED is designed for SEO optimisation

The real power of PARts CED is the ability to add specific data, custom SKU’s, titles and descriptions for optimum SEO.

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Kitting and Bundling is exclusive to PARts CED

PARts CED Kitting and Bundling service allows Sellers and e-commerce customers to create kits and bundles on the fly using PARts Console;

  • Use PARts Online to create kits or bundles across multiple brands and products to build points of difference.
  • PARts CED automatically does the complex product and fitment linking grunt work for you
  • Change descriptions, titles, add kit details, images and other rich content.
  • Keep the standard underlying data system for product and fitment links



Enhance your kit further by cloning and duplicating kit SKU’s to match what your customer is looking for optimising SEO – create your own point of difference.  Only you see your CED data.



Why did we create Company Enhanced Data?

To allow parts Sellers and Suppliers to have their auto parts data cake and eat it too.

  • Do it your way, if you want – but don’t lose the suppliers and system data along the way
  • Build your own Categories, product Criteria, custom fitment filters, Kits and Bundles
  • Power your web site with a mixture of custom and systems data
  • Create, store, link and manage data specific and unique to you – controlled by you
  • Maximise sales through Kits and Bundles across multiple brands and product types
  • Create SKU’s, add your own images, optimise SEO and create that point of difference

Make the data work for you and sell more.

Talk to the PARts team to sign up for PARts CED services or ask for a demo