PARts Fit


Introducing PARts Fit, the fastest and most powerful way to bulk match and map auto product fitment data.

PARts Fit v2.0 is the first online version available to our customers and is now ready as a trial service for all our supplier and brand manager customers via the PARts Online interface.

Its also ideal for one-time data matching work by sellers for online sales channel mapping like eBay ePID, KBA or other standards.

PARts Fit works by searching for relationship links between a supplier or brand catalogue and a standard VML or vehicle table. It allows the user to quickly search, compare and link multiple product fitment records at once and allow the results to be written to a database for bulk load to PARts DB.

Its the perfect tool for mass manipulation, mapping and linking of new product ranges, initial cataloguing mapping and any task where you need to link one large catalogue or product data set with another in bulk. PARts Console is still your main tool for everyday editing and maintenance.



It can also be used to match product descriptions with “standard descriptions” criteria and any other sorts of product and fitment attributes quickly and efficiently. It’s the ideal DIY fitment mapping tool for product and catalogue data managers that need to do a lot of data matching fast.

PARts Fit online features;

  • Upload your own Excel format catalogue table to use as a source reference
  • Upload your choice of VML or vehicle table to link to
  • Move the columns around, filter, group and highlight what’s important.
  • Build queries and search by any core data sets including combinations of engine, date, body, series and year ranges
  • Group and automatically link all common vehicles to related products with one click
  • Setup allows choice of search strategies, you can bias to engine, body, chassis or any other configuration to best suit your product
  • Automatically add and apply fitting position attributes and criteria in bulk as you go
  • Apply product application or fitment notes in bulk

Most importantly – use Fit to help match vehicles between a supplier or brand source catalogue table and an industry or standard VML first and then link ALL products in one hit.

PARts Fit is supported by an extensive help and how-to file. Tool tips also help first time users understand.

The knowledge base and Help centre has extensive documentation for new users along with tips and suggestions on how to make the most of this powerful new tool for your auto parts data needs.

PARts Fit is a discreet service that needs to be activated for each user so please contact the PARts team for more details and an online demo.