PARts Kitting and Bundling

PARts Kitting and Bundling tool for auto parts sellers

PARts Online and Console has an advanced kitting and bundling tool under the CED umbrella.

PARts Kitting Overview_1606_01

  • Group products to create new SKUs by simply dragging & dropping across multiple brands
  • PARts does the fitment and product grunt work for you
  • Add custom attributes and rich content for your new SKU
  • Create and save multiple kits/bundles from the same screen – optimise for SEO

Create a point of difference – make your data unique and more profitable.



Kitting and Bundling is a PARts Service available to licensed customers 

Once setup, simply go to Console or Online and turn on ‘My Kitting’ after you’ve searched for a vehicle to start building Kits or Bundles.

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A new ‘My Kitting’ panel is revealed showing new and existing kits/bundles

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Then, simply drag products from multiple brands onto the ‘My Kitting’ panel to add to a kit/bundle

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Drag different products from multiple brands onto the ‘My Kitting’ panel to add to a kit/bundle. Then enter your new, unique SKU and Description to Save as new SKU. (part of your CED data)


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PARts uses its database processing power to help you sell more, quicker

PARts then does all the hard fitment grunt work for you, analyses the fitment data from all products in your kit to find all common vehicles and applies accurate fitment data to your kit/bundle.


PARts Kitting Overview_1606_06


PARts even groups and highlights any relevant PA notes and fitment attributes for you so you can decide how you want to describe the kit.

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PARts lets you further tailor your kits and bundle for that extra point-of-difference

Once you have saved your Kits and Bundles, you can enhance them by clicking on the Enhance icon, add extra images or attributes.

PARts Kitting Overview_1606_08




Enhance your kit by adding custom titles, HTML supported descriptions and SEO specific Kit Descriptions


Manage the products in your kit and their quantities



Create your own Criteria attributes, manage and add them as you like


PARts Kitting Overview_1606_09










PARts Kitting Overview_1606_10






Add kits to your CED Custom Categories or create more kits and variants using PARts duplicate and clone technology.






Stay ahead in SEO, Google Shopping and listing optimisation

Clone kits for optimised SEO titles and descriptions to create specific and customer tailored listings with PARts looking after fitment for you.

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Why did we create Kitting & Bundling?

A powerful and unique optional service for parts Sellers to be able to better merchandise, customise and value add supplier product data to better suit their customers.

With the PARts Kitting and Bundling service, customers can build kits and bundles across all their subscribed brands, storing them as a new and unique SKU* that builds upon the existing supplier data, product attributes and rich content provided by the supplier for use in e-commerce and related channels.

PARts automatically takes care of the complex fitment relationships and builds the logical fitment groups.

* These new SKUs are specific to the seller, they are not a new part number in TecDoc or PARts but act as a sellers’ reference number only.

Using Kitting & Bundling functionality, Sellers can:

  • Build logical kitting and bundling of products within a single brand, e.g., a suspension spring kit including front and rear springs normally sold separately
  • Build logical kitting and bundling of products across multiple brands, e.g., a suspension spring kit including Brand A springs, Brand B shock kits, oils and many more
  • Deliver smart assembly of common fitment VID links, criteria and attribute management using PARts data and DB grunt
  • Ability for Seller to have unique “kit” SKU, images, rich content, descriptions and attributes for that SKU including links to categories and custom criteria
  • Easily clone your Kits and Bundles to create optimised SKU’s for vehicles and applications.
  • Being part of CED, all kitting and bundling would be unique to each Company or Seller within the system
  • Data and output will work with PARts B2, BX, API functions and custom web site deployments using Magento or custom e-commerce solutions alike.
  • Kitting & Bundling works with channel management software such as Neto, CommerceConnect and Channel Advisor to manage and send this data to the listing tool with all relevant information.

Helps make your data unique and more profitable with a greater point of difference.