PARts Auto Catalogue

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With PARts Auto Catalogue you control the catalogue process – create and print new versions any time you like.

  • Create print-ready PDF catalogues using the data from PARts DB
  • Auto Catalogue is on-demand and always up to date
  • ‘Book-end’ your Auto Catalogue with pages from your existing printed catalogue
  • Lets you or your customers build a personalised catalogue, quote sheet or product brochure in real time
  • Great for auto parts sellers and brands – can be added to PARts B2 or PARts BX


PARts Auto Catalogue_02


Your customers can build category, brand or vehicle specific catalogues on-demand with always-up-to-date data

PARts Auto Catalogue_03


Individual product data sheets, brochures or entire product catalogues can be generated specific to the customer or retailer’s needs.

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No more expensive and complex artwork headaches come catalogue time.

Auto Catalogue is print ready – let your customers create and print on-demand or let us build you a custom system controlled by you. Let your customers help themselves with more, richer options available to staff.

Auto Catalogue can also be used to create traditional auto parts seller flyers, specials or mail-box drop catalogues.

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Why did we create Auto Catalogue?

  • To help brands and manufacturers take back control of the catalogue development process
  • Save time and money. Build a template and system once – then let PARts do the grunt work to publish or build your catalogue as and when you need it
  • It’s linked to your PARts DB data store so it’s always ready and up to date
  • Use it as a sales tool to build any kind of custom quote sheet, “Do-it-for-me” flyer or other sales tool using the power of PARts DB and your data

You control the catalogue process – create and print new versions any time you like.

Talk to PARts about the possibilities of Auto Catalogue and get an online demo.