Automotive Superstore chooses PARtsDB for Auto Parts e-Tailing




The Australian company Automotive Superstore have chosen PARts DB as the data source for their online automotive parts retailing.

An exciting new online retailing business, Automotive Superstore has hit the ground running with a comprehensive initial launch catalogue of spare parts, accessories, performance products and tools with more to follow.

Attracting Australian DIY and DIFM car enthusiasts with a very clean, quick and easy to use website, Automotive Superstore are becoming a must visit website. Customers are able to browse auto parts and accessories either by category or to quickly look up their vehicle by make, model and year. This enables customers to quickly find the parts that will suit their vehicles.




What makes purchasing parts and accessories from Automotive Superstore so quick and convenient and allows customers to place order with confidence is its underlying parts supply information system backed by PARts.

PARts worked with the team at Automotive Superstore to help develop direct API connectivity between the retail web store and the PARts database allowing for virtual real-time lookup while still providing SEO compliant text, links and search engine friendly URL’s.

This ensures that the new web site is indexed by and visible to search engines and retail customers browsing the web to boost brand visibility for both the seller and supplier brands.

PARts is Australia’s leading online data solutions provider for vehicle parts, accessories, and service with a range of technologies to suit parts manufacturers, brands and sellers.