Motorcycles Now a Part of TecDoc Reference Data


TecDoc, a long-time PARts partner is looking towards the addition of motorcycles to its database of vehicle references, beginning with Version 4/2014 of the TecDoc catalogue—the catalogue serves as an index for identifying parts and vehicles.

Furthermore, the proven TecDoc structures will now feature standardised information content on product data for job safety, DIN and standardised parts, workshop requirements, tools, and workshop equipment.


Beginning May 2014, the TecDoc reference database will see the addition of approximately 4,000 motorcycles, which will be available for linkages by data suppliers. Due to structural issues, TecDoc announced that they are administering the data beginning with the passenger car section, with any differentiation happening through the type of motorcycle. Meanwhile, ‘generic articles,’ which has a standardised description of TecDoc-featured parts, will also see an expansion with motorcycle parts.

According to TecDoc Vice President for Information Management, Andreas Assmann, the addition of both motorcycles to the TecDoc reference data and product data coming from the workshop area is just one way for the company to add to the richness and competitive advantage of the independent aftermarket.

A Long Wait Comes to an End

For over 20 years, TecDoc has been an excellent provider of electronic parts catalogues for cars and trucks, and the addition of motorcycles to the mix is something that’s been a long time coming for observers.

The new product data standard for tools and special tools, as well as workshop equipment will be accessible for linkages come May 2014. The new data will be found on Automechanika’s catalogues for the independent aftermarket on the 4/2014 catalogue version. This will then be followed by the addition of standardised product information for job safety, DIN and standard parts, and workshop requirements in November 2014, to be added to the TecDoc catalogue catalogue system exactly a year from now.

A Closer Look at TecDoc

TecDoc’s focus is to support industry, trade, and repair in an effort to the keep a competitive edge in the independent automotive aftermarket. For over 20 years, the company has provided electronic information systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles specifically tailored to the needs of sales representatives in the unique independent market.

With their normative approach and use of select data formats in describing and exchanging vehicle and article data, TecDoc’s services have helped enhance efficiency in the process chains of retailers.

TecDoc boasts of an incredibly diverse and comprehensive worldwide unique spare parts datable, which currently has more than 100 million entries of part numbers linked to vehicle applications, data on over 53,000 vehicles, 4 million parts numbers linked to these vehicles, and over 2.6 million documents and images encompassing more than 500 brands in the aftermarket industry. What’s more, all of this information is accessible in 28 different languages

This huge data pool forms the foundation of the global leading electronic spare parts catalogue, which is available on DVD and on the Internet. In addition, TecDoc provides all trade catalogues in Europe on a quarterly basis with spare parts catalogue data siphoned from this data pool. This also allows TecDoc to offer national and international data users access to this database, helping them create and publish their own complex and individual parts identification systems.

As of July 2013, TecDoc has been operating in collaboration with TecCom and TecRMI under the TecAlliance GmbH umbrella.

PARts Australia is proud to be able to offer all TecAlliance products and services as part of the PARts e-cosystem