Bulk Image Loader for PARts Console


PARts Console makes bulk image loading as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Uploading product images and rich content via PARts Console is now extra easy with our new bulk image upload feature.

  1. Go to PARts Console, Data option and choose the new Rich Content Data (Bulk) tab
  2. Choose the Zipped up image file and CSV mapping file from your computer or local server
  3. Click upload to bring the whole lot in at once.

Sure, there are some options and selections you need to make along the way to get it done just how you like it but otherwise its up to you manage your images and rich content as and when you want.

This means adding new images, replacing existing ones or a mixture of both, your choice. After all, its your data.

As usual, our Knowledge Base articles and help files give you a full explanation with tips and options. Simply click Help when you’re using PARts Online to get to the Knowledge Base.