PARts DB and Console update release summary pre v6.0


Here is a list of BAU (business as usual) PARts DB and Console updates prior to v6.0 release in July 2017

Most of these updates and related features will be carried through to PARts DB v6.0 and can therefore also be enjoyed in the new system due for release next month.

Update Released 2017.04.12

  • Australian Only Vehicles toggle in user profile
  • Forgot password implemented
  • Added “Search PARts Online” on every page in Online

Update Released 2017.03.13

In this release;

  • In Product -> Fitment Details -> Add Vehicle popup; we made it possible to add vehicles from different Makes at the same time.
  • Make filter is still there and can be used to filter to a specific Make as before.
  • Some bug fixes

Update Released 2016.12.07

Feedback from our Clients is very important to us as it helps us find ways to create even better product management application for everyone. Feel free to use Feedback button to send us any feedback you have – good or bad!

Latest updates:

  • Admin account can now assume identity of any user under their company. Just go to Admin – Accounts tab, select user and click on Login as user button.
  • Categories tab is out of beta mode and has been renamed to CED Categories.
  • We also added the ability to edit both, CED product and CED category-product criteria in this tab.
  • Fixed the bug that didn’t allow to add CED record from Add Product popup in CED Category window.
  • Fixed the PANote label that was indicating the field being 500 instead of 255 characters long.
  • Fixed CED Category-Product Links import.

Update Released 2016.11.15

We added the CED Criteria in CEDCategory-Product relationship. It can be found in the Categories (beta) section.

Update Released 2016.10.03

We are constantly improving our application based on our users feedback.  This release includes following improvements:

  • Added ability to manage CED category linking to Vehicles
  • Added ability to add an image for CED category
  • Improvements in Kit creation and management UI
  • Added Kit search bar
  • Minor kit bug fixes
  • Fixed UI and performance issues in Edge browser
  • When creating new CED, added a button to let you copy info from the product
  • Improved performance when submitting feedback
  • You can now create new standard description and choose not to copy the vehicles from the old standard description
  • Issue with chassis group changing and not reflecting immediately is now fixed

Update Released 2016.07.24

PARts users will now be receiving application update summary through the notification system. Other updates in this release include:

  • PARts Kitting & Bundling
    • Ability to clone kits
    • Improved kit management from Online pages
  • Improved Import functionality
    • user can now select fields to map from any file being imported
    • CED Criteria Import/Export feature added
  • Added a switch to show Australian vehicles only when dealing with fitment
  • Improved product search result page on Online pages
  • Subscribers creation through Admin available now
  • Other minor bug fixes