PARts DB Upgrade to v6.0 is now live

PARts DB v6.0.0.0 is now LIVE!

This is our biggest PARts DB upgrade to date with major changes to PARts Console and the whole PARts e-cosystem to help you better manage and sell your auto parts.

Some of the main changes are actually “under the hood” but these same changes are critical in shaping our product and services for the future while allowing us to deliver on many customer requests in PARts Console.

What’s New?

  • A complete redesign of the back-end database to support multiple vehicle and product standards including all available TecAlliance (TecDoc) global vehicle tables and ability to ACES PIES in near future. This will also allow for linking to KBA, RBC (Redbook) and custom vehicle standards or tables.
  • Native support for TecDoc 2.4 data format
  • Includes the ability to work with different subscribed vehicle and country data selectable by the user.
  • This redesign also includes the ability to track changes in order to provide delta reports and data packs. (delta data packs will be available in the next few months).
  • We have separated PARts and standards based specific fields in the user interface. This allows the customers to clearly see what is a TecDoc or standards based field and what is PARts making it easier to populate data correctly.
  • Overall performance upgrade to the Fitment tab
  • Ability to drag and drop a vehicle from one Chassis Group to another. All fitment linked to that vehicle will be moved to the new CG
  • Ability to delete a product from CG. It will remove the product from all vehicles linked to it within the CG
  • Ability to link CED Categories to Standard Descriptions
  • VML export is now only one item in the Import/Export module, and you can select the country or countries you are subscribed to in order to export the VML specific information for that country

We hope you like what we’ve done and look forward to taking you for a spin in V6.0. Contact us for a demo or to arrange a test drive of the new PARts DB and Console.