PARts Helps Take SuperPro to the Next Level

SuperPro Australia uses PARtsDB to store, manage, publish and display their data the way they want to on their new web sites.

PARts, leading Australian content provider of vehicle parts data, has once again been called upon by the power behind SuperPro Suspension Parts’ improved website. PARts supplies the database behind leading (and up-and-coming) online automotive parts and accessories distributors in Australia, working with web developers in creating compelling online experiences for online auto parts customers.

SuperPro, manufacturer of superior suspension parts and poly bushing, has been in the suspension business for over thirty years, and now has workshops, wheel alignment specialist services, and a wholesale distribution network, the SuperPro brand carried by leading Australian wholesale and retail distributors like Burson Auto Parts, Fulcrum Suspensions and SuperCheap.

Around the world, demand for SuperPro products is also increasing and PARts has delivered geo-specific data to SuperPro regional web sites and distributors thanks to the use of TecDoc global standards.

To keep up with growing local and international demand, SuperPro needed to make its website visually competitive and efficient.

In collaboration with web developer, Motor Media, SuperPro recently unveiled the results of the new PARts-powered site makeover. PARts was at the heart of the back-end of the previous version of the SuperPro website. This time the power of PARts database is put to even greater use with additional back-end development support using PARts developed technologies.

PARts and Motor Media also worked with long term collaboration partners Enform Networks to help project manage the build and make sure it delivered the functionality needed for effective auto parts web sites.

Here’s a before-and-after comparison:

Before and After


SuperPro Website Before


After the makeover:


SuperPro Website After

New Site Features

Clean Look

The new site dropped the busy look for a cleaner one that puts the emphasis on searching for parts, relegating secondary elements below the fold, where they can occupy a bigger space without cluttering the most important (above-the-fold areas).

Among the sections moved below the fold are the New Release, Product Update, “What’s New” (where the latest blog posts are), and the YouTube videos – which are now bigger.


Not only does the new SuperPro site look simpler and easier to navigate, it’s also responsive as well. Responsive web design adjusts the page to the size of one’s browser window without reducing the size of important text – making the site readable, even on the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets:



Before the makeover, the site text and navigation elements would have either been cut-off on the sides or the page (text, pictures, and all) would just have been reduced to fit inside a mobile screen, making the experience less than optimal for mobile users even as mobile users increasingly edge out desktop users.

Dynamic Search Bar

This is where the database supplied by PARts is most active, where relevant information is presented literally at your fingertips. Just type the make, model or part you are looking for in the new search bar and available parts will appear in the dropdown for you to click. This shortens searching time, because you no longer have to generate a whole results page, which can take longer to load than a drop-down.

Thanks to PARts DB and its granular system, SuperPro can instruct their web developers to show their data the way they want with features like dynamic search.


SuperPro Vehicle Dropdown

Build Your Own Catalogue

The catalogue builder allows dealers to generate a PDF catalogue of only the parts relating to their businesses. The screenshot below shows you can even uncheck the front and back cover if you want, or include only Roll Control, SuperPro SPF or Universal parts. And you can also choose to include only the vehicle manufacturers you support. Generating a more focused catalogue is a time-saving feature for dealers and distributors who don’t carry all SuperPro lines or support only a few vehicle makes in their inventory.

This is all thanks to the PARts database back-end using granular data – whenever you build your custom catalogue, you can always be sure all the information in it are accurate and up-to-date while allowing the developer to do whatever they need. After all, its SuperPro’s data.


SuperPro Build Your Own Catalogue

Poised for Growth

SuperPro, powered by PARts, is now able to help its customers with better data to tap in to the booming Australian online automotive parts sales industry (estimated to be worth over $1.3 billion in 2014-2015).

Thanks to PARts DB, SuperPro can instruct their web developers to show their data the way they want to with features their customers want while still providing data to their distributors and sellers where ever they are.

One database, multiple deployments for your data.