Peach and PARts

Peach and PARts

Automotive data gates open

With the historic signing of a Heads of Agreement for the full and safer sharing of automotive data for servicing and repair by the Australian automotive stakeholders on December 15, the door has been opened for more players in the automotive service and repair business.Thanks to the AAAA and this agreement, critical data for automotive repair, maintenance, and customisation, is made fully available, even to small automotive businesses that were not privy to this information before.

Windfall for data distributors

More players means more demand for reliable, efficient, and safe sharing and management of automotive data – and for companies that provide such services. These companies make the rules of the new data-sharing agreement possible with their services.

PARts provides data management and distribution tools for the automotive industry – auto parts manufacturers and brand owners, suppliers, sellers and automotive shops – to distribute, share and safely manage pertinent data on auto products and fitment. PARts can be thought of as a data-sharing highway (not just of automotive data). Other companies provide the ‘vehicles’ that run on such a highway – the various services tailored for the particular niche of the data provider and the data consumers.

For the automotive industry, an example of such a service company is Peach Software.Peach Software is an Australian company providing software for retailers, automotive wholesalers or importers of automotive products so their customers can safely log in, browse through, search for, order and pay for available products – all from their tablets or PCs.

Fruitful fusion

PARts technology plays a big role in the Peach Online system by providing the data from parts manufacturers while Peach Software provides the browser-based ‘face’ for accessing productdata and pricing (updated live) and ordering parts. Manufacturers (through PARts) control and manage what product line, fitment data and pricing the retailers, wholesalers, or importers see. These retailers, in turn, can add their own titles, notations (even markups) through Peach software accessed online by automotive shops or individual clients who buy the products.

PARts Data in Peach

PARts benefits because Peach Software has a 30-year experience in providing their services in Australia, earning the trust of 500 companies and 4000 operators using Peach Software.In turn, Peach and its customersreap the advantages of having the data services of PARts, whose adherence to global data standards like TecDoc, assure that there is no confusion and duplication of critical data on parts, servicing, and repair. Solid back end through PARts plus a reliable and trusted front end by Peach Software equals a fruitful synergy.

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