VACC uses TecDoc K-Type system


This is a recent press release from TecDoc Australia regarding some exciting news for suppliers and auto service professionals.

TecDoc is pleased to announce that the VACC has concluded negotiations for the VACC to use TecDoc K-Type ID as a main vehicle identifier for its technical information databases.


This will allow VACC to standardise its technical information vehicle table lookup, and access more global data for its technical information service through TecDoc partners including parts suppliers, sellers and service providers.


VACC is the peak automotive industry body in Victoria Australia, representing the interests of more than 5,000 small and medium sized businesses, employing approximately 50,000 Victorians.


TecDoc is extremely happy that an organisation with the reach of the VACC is now a technology partner.


Thanks to the TecDoc global format of vehicle recognition and standard vehicle part descriptions, VACC, its members and clients of VACC’s national technical solution service, our Auto Tech-Centre, will be able to better access services from across the globe.

PARts customers can therefore expect more information interchange and flexibility for their data in the PARts system knowing that they can connect to one of the largest automotive technical information sources in Australia.