Business Intelligence Service in PARts

Introducing PARts BI (Business Intelligence) Service

Do you want to know where the competitive “herd” is for your product category? Do you want to know which specific VID’s or vehicle are the most popular within each vehicle Make?

PARts now provides the answer with its new PARts BI service starting with BI Lite for Suppliers

Starting now, PARts Supplier subscribers and customers can automatically receive this service via the PARts Console interface as part of their subscription, free.

These insights use anonymous product and fitment data across all the products and brands in our system to deliver product managers a better understanding of what the market is doing providing invaluable gap analysis and other tools for better product management decisions.

How does PARts BI Lite work?

Basically, there are two new features implemented in PARts Console:

  1. Top 20 VIDs by Vehicle Make for Product Standard Description

This new feature can be accessed under Console on Products -> Fitment Details page (refer below).

Top VID BI Service Access

As shown above, hover the mouse over the icon can give you an overview of how popular this vehicle is for this Make and product standard description based on all the product and fitment data stored in PARts DB at that time.

The chain link symbol is your key. The colour of this icon gives you a quick understanding of how popular this vehicle is roughly, green suggests it is in the top 20%, and red suggests it is in the bottom 20%, while black suggests it is between 20% and 80%.

In this case, 96.3% means the vehicle “NISSAN X-TRAIL T30 2.5L 10/01-01/06” is at 96.3 percentile of all NISSAN’s that have fitments data in PARts.

By clicking the chain icon, there is a detailed summary to explore via a pop-up box (refer below).

Top VID BI Service Detail

On the left part of the pop-up box we see how many brands and products are linking to this vehicle with a comparison between PARts brands and TecDoc brands. Here we can see there are 34 PARts brands and 67 TecDoc brands with “Control Arms”(Standard Description) linking to this NISSAN X-Trail, and what’s more there are a total of 192 “Control Arms” under PARts brand and 776 under TecDoc brand now linking to it overall.

On the right side, the summary list reveals the top 20 vehicles under this Make and Standard Description combination. In this case, for example, the first line suggests “Nissan Navara 2.0, 01/86/12/97” is the most popular NISSAN that links to “Control Arm” in PARts and the count of the linkages(fitments) is 8. The bottom Pathfinder with 3x links is the lowest in this list.

2. Top 10 Standard Description Links

This feature is under the Data->Fitment view of PARts Console(refer below):

Top SD BI Service Access

The hover function is the same as with product and helps to identiy the top and bottom 20% of vehicles based on total products linked. That is, which vehicles within that Make have the greatest number of product links across the whole database?

In this case the “TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8 E15” is not that popular (under 20%, red) which is at 4.3 percentile of all Toyota’s that have fitments in PARts

By clicking the chain link icon with can see a detailed summary pop-up box appear showing a summary of brand links and the top 10 Standard Description links to this vehicle(refer below).

Top SD BI Service Detail

The left side is the same as previous but the right part now shows the top 10 Standard Descriptions that are linking to this vehicle “TOYOTA COROLLA 1.3L 11/81-09/85” for all the data in PARts.

In this example, the first line suggests “Suspension Kit” is the most common type of product in PARts that links to this specific COROLLA and the count of the “Suspension Kit” product links is 54. Thermostats on the other hand are in 10th place with only 16x product links.

There’s a lot going on here and we expect you’ll have  a few questions once you have a closer look but thanks to over 2.0 million part numbers and links to 1000’s of vehicles you can now make better decisions based on hard data. Gap analysis becomes a lot easier and links to standardised products takes the guess work out of definitions and comparisons.

PARts BI Lite is a sampler of what’s possible and we can provide any number of custom reports and data analysis tools by request. Just let us know what you need and we’ll work out a solution for you.

PARts BI is only available to PARts Supplier subscribers or customers. Ask us to turn it on for you today.