New Import/Export Function in PARts Console

PARts believes that your data should be available to access and move around at any time. That’s why PARts Console has an extensive array of import and export tools available for Sellers and Suppliers.

To make this even easier we have deployed a new and revised Import/Export module to PARts Console.

Major difference in this new release is that all import/export functions are now being created as a task. The user doesn’t have to keep the browser on that page and wait for the file to download(refer below).

We also built a notification system, so if the user leaves the page a notification will pop-up at the top of the browser once the file is ready. For now, user just has to go back to Import/Export page to see if the file is ready but the final deployment will involve an email notification to the user for really big files.



There is also import/export functionality added for CED(Company Enhanced Data) Custom Categories. It allows for importing and exporting CED categories(refer below).

Below is an export for PARts company CED Categories. We made it very user friendly.

First field is CategoryID, followed by levels as they appear in the category tree.

Once the file is exported, user can edit this in excel and add new levels, sub-levels, etc and just import it back in this same format.

CategoryID can be supplied or it can be left empty. If left empty, PARts will fill out the field using automatically generated ID.

CategoryID table