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  • An off-the-shelf product application database solution based on global standards
  • Simple, secure data sharing with dealers, staff and end users
  • Complete, integrated product CMS combining digital delivery and print options

AFI – Australian Fuel Injection is a specialist supplier of automotive electronic, fuel injection, engine management and ignition system components to the automotive aftermarket industry. As an importer-distributor, AFI seeks to supply quality goods at competitive prices and with an unequalled service.

AFI also offers an extensive range of remanufactured exchange products in conjunction with AFI’s test and repair facility.


Although AFI has a healthy business as a wholesale distributor and marketer of automotive engine managements with a healthy distributor network it relied on traditional paper catalogues and fragmented electronic communications to market its products.

These were time consuming to produce and dated quickly. This was compounded by the company’s strong growth and the technical nature of the products which made it extremely difficult to administer and convey what products were available in a timely and accurate manner.

The company wanted to find a more effective and efficient way to communicate its extensive product offering to its Trade, Reseller and Master Distributor customers as well as managing the product information.


The company did not have the internal resources to create an IT based solution for its product marketing and CMS requirements. Nor did it have a connection with industry standards and the growing demand for information sharing expected by the market.

It therefore turned to Enform as it had extensive experience in building similar systems for the automotive industry. In response, Enform created an off the shelf solution known as PARts, a cloud based SaaS (software as a service) application with a desktop editor option that synchs directly with the cloud to manage and store product information and product application relationship data.

PARts is an off the shelf solution that is a complete product to vehicle application data management and product content management system. PARts was designed for both digital and printed catalogue needs as a single integrated solution.


PARts is based on global product and application database standards allowing AFI to build relationships with TecDoc and ACES/PIES data models and their subscribers. In this way and with a cloud hosted repository, AFI can share the data with dealers, staff and end-user via secure API links. At the same time it can produce printed catalogues and other marketing collateral on demand to improve customer service.

AFI now has a single database that powers its website, dealer portal, its internal lookups across the organisation and powers its printed catalogue and human reporting. The data is connected to global standards while still belonging to AFI.

One of the key benefits of linking to global industry standards like TecDoc is the ability to stream AFI product and application information alongside other global connected brands. This allows AFI’s customers and dealers a richer experience with more choice things.

Enform had already worked out this problem. They had the right solution and right expertise to give us what we needed.

Nick Rassios, MD AFI Australia

PARts Product Application Database and CMS