Spares Box Chooses PARtsDB for Auto Parts Data

Spares Box chose PARts DB as their preferred auto parts data source to power their new pure-play online e-tailing business.

Even if it’s a relatively new player in the online market for auto parts and accessories, Spares Box is already one of Australia’s fastest growing auto parts e-tailers. Spares Box currently gives the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) and the “Do It For Me” (DIFM) markets access to over 150,000 parts.

Part of Spare Box’s rapid growth as a popular go-to for Australian DIY and DIFM car enthusiasts is that it has a deceptively simple-looking web site that makes it very easy for visitors to search for auto parts either by make, model and year; or by category, by part, or by brand – no glamorous images of cars traversing the great outdoors – just the parts themselves. This enables online customers to quickly find the parts that fit their vehicles.


Add to that their offering of quality brand names and competitive prices (you can get as much as 30% lower prices for parts than those bought through workshops), fast delivery and free shipping (AusPost and Startrack express, if you order parts worth over $50), and a hassle free return and exchange policy, and you get a no-nonsense approach that inspires confidence.

However, Spares Box’s success is not just due to looks and marketing. What makes searching for available auto parts quick and convenient with Spares Box is its underlying parts supply information system backed by PARts.

PARts is Australia’s leading online data provider for vehicle parts, accessories, and service, allowing customers not just to find parts for vehicles all around Australia (and overseas), but find the most affordable parts as well.

Spares Box Managing Director, Leon Saliba, said the PARts database has been a fundamental part of Spares Box ever since they launched their Magento (a very popular open-source content management system for e-commerce) site in 2014.

“Integrating with the PARts vehicle look-up enabled us to give our customers peace of mind when ordering parts for their car”, says Salba.

This customer “peace of mind” comes from enabling online customers to take control of their servicing and maintenance costs by buying parts direct. The result? Strongly positive customer experiences and over 3,000 positive customer reviews in the last 6 months.



Spares Box’s 24/7 online availability (through desktop, tablet, or mobile) also makes it a natural fit with the DIY and DIFM market – demanding, knowledgeable customers who invest a lot of time and effort in order to keep their vehicles in top condition.

And Spares Box does not expect to stop there. The Australian online automotive parts and car accessories industry is growing rapidly, especially where the highest number of kilometers are driven (at this time, around New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland). The industry, estimated to be worth over $1.3 Billion in 2014-2015 (growing at the rate of 17%), is experiencing a wave of growth. And Spares Box intends to ride to the top of that wave with its winning combination of ease of use, reasonable prices, excellent customer service, and a top-notch auto parts lookup system in PARts.

Spares Box + PARtsDB = customer confidence.

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