PARts Images – how we store and manage them in PARts DB Console

There are two types of images with different sizes required in PARts for each of the product image, one is 200 x 200px and the other is a nominal 1600px (longest side) which are all deliberately designed for e-Commerce use and comply with current standards like eBay etc.

Basically, the 200px will be used as thumbnail for search result pages in PARts and other tools. For customers that want smaller versions than that, they can either resize dynamically or store their own. Dynamic resizing would be the way to go as these 200px image will be very small in actual file size so processing dynamically would be really fast.

The 1600px size is used on product pages in PARts and can also be resized dynamically if needed. Since we would load only one image at the time, the size of the image would not be a problem and dynamic resize should not cause any problems.

And all these images are stored in a custom PARts repository against the brand.

PARts Console is able to resize images automatically to under 1600px and create a 200px copy to the repository when uploading the images(refer below). So, there’s no need to worry about the size of the image when doing manual upload in PARts.




However, if you are trying to upload some existing images to PARts Console, the system will report a warning like “the image already exists”. In this case you could choose one of the other ways below to make sure your images are properly loaded in PARts.

  1. To overwrite the image(refer below), make sure you tick the check box of “Check here to allow overwrite existing files”. Note, this action may have some potential risks if someone names the images incorrectly that may lead to  the correct images being substituted (deleted)…

2            2.  Select an existing image by the following action.

If you have any problem dealing with the images, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help, you are always welcome.