TecDoc Australian Vehicle Dashboard – September 2019

Australia Vehicle Data Report

TecAlliance is now regularly publishing a TecDoc Vehicle Data Report “Dashboard” snap shot for all major vehicle markets. We are pleased to offer a copy of the September 2019 Australian version to help our customers and industry better understand the current vehicle parc and related opportunities.

Some highlights from the report

  • Total passenger and light commercial vehicles in operation now number 19.2 million
  • Toyota is the most popular make with 3.7 million vehicles on the road followed by Holden with 2.6 million
  • TecDoc K-types represent 99.97% of all vehicles on road
  • Holden Commodore is still the top sales model designation representing 6.43% relevant vehicle population share.
  • Isuzu is the most popular truck brand with 58,237 vehicles in service with Kenworth being the most popular North American brand.

There is also some useful information regarding the progress on further developments to the Australian TecDoc vehicle table information as a live, evolving project. For example;

  • July 2019 saw 988x different Ktype changes, additions, updates or deletions alone
  • 345x new vehicle Ktypes have been added in the 3 months to September 2019
  • The Australia and New Zealand data is now being managed and driven from within Australia by a local TecDoc team

Click to download the full PDF report – 2019_09_Dashboard_Australia

Or, read more about available vehicle tables, K-Types, VIO and parc data for most of the world markets here.