Bulk Product Data Upload now available in PARts Console

New in the recent PARts DB v6.2.5.0 update, customers are now able to upload product data in bulk directly into PARts Console. This provides a fast and efficient way to add large numbers of products to brands that you own or manage. To get started, jump into PARts Console and navigate to the Import/Export tab. Select ‘Product Data Bulk Upload’ from the menu and download the template. The template is available as either a familiar Excel file, or a JSON file, if you prefer to use the PARts API.

Many users will use the Excel template. Opening this template you will see sheets and headings corresponding to the input fields available in the products tab of PARts Console. Simply fill out the template with details of the products you wish to upload, and upload it to the same page where you downloaded it from (ensuring that the correct file type is selected).

Upon uploading, your file will be placed in a queue for processing. This normally only takes a few minutes. Once it is finished, you will receive an email containing the outcome of the processing. Any products that failed to be uploaded will be marked, with the reason for the failure noted.

For those who wish to use the API, the JSON template can be filled out and uploaded via a HTTP request using either JavaScript or C#. The PARts API docs provide all necessary details along with example code for performing this upload.

And thats all there is to it!

For PARts customers, see the article in the Knowledge Base to get started. To learn more about how PARts Console can help your business, contact the PARts team.