Speed up CED Product Linking with the New Graphical Interface

Introduced in the recent v6.2.7.0 update to PARts Console, the new CED Linked Products Graphical Interface (GUI) allows for users to visualise product links as well as add or remove them using a simple drag and drop interface. This feature is in addition to the current suite of Linked Products features available in the CED tab.

What does it look like in PARts Console?

In PARts Console, navigate to the Data > Linked Products tab and select a brand. Products in this brand will appear on the left, with the ‘Linked’ flag indicating that that product has links associated with it. Selecting a product shows its links, giving you a powerful overview. This is useful for a range of reasons including,

  • Understanding what recommendations you are making to your customers.
  • Seeing how your products are related to one another.

Selecting the ‘Edit’ button, right beneath the Linked Products tab, allows you to drag and drop other products from the tree. Links can be added or changed by connecting the dots on each product with your mouse. Link type and quantity can also be edited.

To learn more about this feature and how PARts can benefit you, contact the PARts team.