Copy Vehicle Fitments and Import/Export using Excel in PARts Console

We recently introduced a couple of time saving features in the v6.2.11.0 update to PARts Console,

  • Users can now copy fitments between vehicles within the same brand. This saves time by eliminating the need to create identical fitments multiple times for different vehicles.
  • All imports and exports now accept Excel files, as well as CSV, allowing you to select the file type that best suits your workflow.

How does copying vehicle fitments work?

In PARts Console, navigate to the Data > Fitment tab and select a Brand and Make. After selecting a vehicle, head to the Fitment Details tab. Upon selecting one or more fitments, you will be able to copy them to another vehicle using the ‘Copy Fitments to Vehicle’ button.

How do I import and export using Excel files?

Sometimes CSV and other text files don’t play nice with Excel leading to data corruption, particularly for part numbers and acronyms.  To help with this we’ve added the option to export data files in Excel format instead.

To use this feature in PARts Console, navigate to the Import/Export tab and select any import or export function. In the File Type dropdown, simply select Excel from this list. You are now working with the .xlsx file format.

To learn more about these features and how PARts can benefit you, contact the PARts team.