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ACME Auto Parts (not their real name)

  • Create a secure, scalable and cost effective B2B or “trade” e-commerce solution,  fully integrated with the local accounting package.
  • Be able to offer over 50,000 “stocked” or available inventory lines with access to a further 500,000 catalogued lines
  • Use the suppliers data, images and fitment information while still being able to add our own.
  • Multiple payment options allowing fast new customer sign-up and sales
  • Job system for quotes, estimates, service data and potential VIN lookup

If ACME Auto Parts were a real company, they would represent your typical  Australian auto parts store with a mixture of trade and retail business. They need to be online while also lowering the cost of sale and letting their customer work with ACME when it suits them.

With the push to online trading, businesses like ACME don’t need to build their own web store or deal with the compromises of other off-the-shelf solutions with roots in the fashion or food industry that has nothing to do with the complexity of auto parts and your business.


ACME Auto Parts wanted a solution that could tap in to their suppliers product letting them get on with the job of selling and delivering the best range of auto parts at the right price and on time knowing that the technology is being looked after with flexible, cutting edge options.

They didn’t want to spend $25,000 plus building their own e-commerce web site that frankly wasn’t going to fit their needs anyway. They also didn’t want to have to look after all their own vehicle and supplier databases and just wanted to tap in to an industry standard that leveraged the suppliers own data.

The question they wanted answered was how do we get a specialised solution that meets their unique needs yet was still affordable with a modern usage based pricing model charged by the month.


PARts B2 was used to create a modern specialised B2B “Trade” e-commerce web site that was deployed in 2 days using ACME’s own name – .

With their brand suppliers permission, ACME could now offer a rich data stream of product data, images and fitment information managed by the supplier.

ACME’s new web store was linked directly their web site, customer and inventory data uploaded with orders delivered via email initially before integrating directly into ACME’s accounting package.

ACME also added a few of their own products to the industry standard product and fitment database provided by PARts as a feature of the system allowing ACME’s products show up alongside the other global brands.

PARts B2 marketing enhancements allowed ACME to encourage suppliers to advertise on the site with standard web banners and the News and Offers area lets them promote new products and specials direct to their customer when they’re buying.


With a few weeks ACME had a fully functioning e-commerce web shop for their customers that lets them focus on what they’re good at knowing the technology, servers  and all the related software and systems headaches are taken care of by someone else at a reasonable monthly fee.

The multi-level trade pricing lets them offer discounts by customer type, product type, volume deals and combinations of all. New customers can be signed up with trade access within minutes and can buy online at trade prices using their credit card or Paypal accounts while they wait to setup a credit account, no more lost sales.

The future will see ACME possibly expand to retail using the same PARts B2 engine and the built-in eBay integration backbone provided though PARts.

In the meantime, they have lowered their overall cost of sale encouraging customers to order online leaving ACME staff more time to actually sell and service their customers.

They are also well placed to tap in to the latest trends in service and technical data with other modules on the way.

PARts has been working in and thinking about e-commerce for 15 years. PARts B2 is the logical solution and outcome for parts sellers wanting to get online and lower their costs of sale.

Jim Gurieff , PARts

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PARts B2 Online “Trade” e-Commerce Web Store