Introducing the Enterprise Feature for PARts Console

With the recent v6.2.6.0 update to PARts DB, we introduced the all new Enterprise Feature Set. These additions allow enterprise level customers greater control over their business units and companies. Some features of this addition include:

Enterprise Company Setup

  • An enterprise level company can have ownership of multiple companies underneath them, along with access to all their users. For example, a super admin can log into any company’s below to them to see their data.
  • Within the Admin section of PARts Console, enterprise customers can view their business unit and company structure.

Enterprise Users

  • Users are created under each company, each user can login to any company underneath them in the hierarchy.
  • User permissions allows for cascading edits and author access.

Enterprise CED

  • Each business, company or level within the enterprise structure can have it’s own unique CED data that can be pushed and inherited to other levels via the Import/Export function in PARts Console.
  • The enterprise, or ‘God’, view allows for data to flow between levels, for seamless operation.

Enterprise Access to Brands

  • The enterprise company has access to all brands that it’s companies/businesses have subscriptions to.
  • Bottom level companies can request subscriptions to brands.
  • Companies requesting subscriptions to brands and other services will automatically flow up to higher level companies in the structure.

Enterprise Reports

  • When creating Imports or Exports in PARts Console, users can select all companies beneath them in the hierarchy.
  • Enterprise customers can generate permissions reports that outline their company level tree and information on which companies have access to which brands and services etc.


How does it look in PARts Console?

If you are a user for an enterprise level company (as setup by the PARts team), navigate to the Admin tab in Console and view Company Details.

Brand subscriptions from a child company are inherited by the parent. This and the total brand count are visible from the company details tab. Here you can also view your subscribed services and modules, such as the ‘Heavy Duty Module’, ‘VIN/Rego Service’ or subscriptions to standards such as TecDoc.

Further, the PARts enterprise module allows for users to import or export reports on all companies below them. Users can even log in as companies below them to view Console as users belonging to that company do.

To learn more about these features and how they can benefit you, contact the PARts team.