Repco Moves to Synch with TecDoc


TecDoc and Repco (GPC Asia) concluded a deal Friday 6/9/13, for Repco to sync their Navigator system with TecDoc KTYPEs for Australia and New Zealand. This will enable Repco to use KTYPEs as a broadcast code to brands already using KTYPEs

“This is great news for Australian auto parts brands and suppliers that already link to TecDoc vehicle KTYPES as they can now provide product and fitment data direct to Repco using this data. It also makes it easier for suppliers to broadcast product data to a growing group of TecDoc subscribers using data aggregators “  says Andrew Mattock from TecDoc Asia Pacific.

TecDoc is the world’s largest automotive product and fitment data aggregator and is owned by the parts suppliers themselves. It was formed in 1998 to create a uniform vehicle and product description standard to allow over 500 suppliers to broadcast and share their product data with their customers.

TecDoc Australia through PARts is helping the Australian parts aftermarket to lower cost of data creation and aggregation by promoting the standard and data feeds from participating suppliers. Through PARts, Australian suppliers can now connect to the same standard and provide their product data to their customer using a global, unified standard. You can read more about TecDoc here.

PARts is a permission based system so suppliers and sellers have full control of who sees their data and in what environment. PARts includes a full management and admin system in the cloud allowing suppliers and sellers to interact and manage their data. The key point being, it’s the suppliers and sellers data. You can read more about PARts products here.

PARts can also integrate with online market places like eBay which use TecDoc KTYPES to power their master vehicle list (MVL) and fitment look-up. That is, once a product is connected or linked to KTYPES through PARts it can be listed on eBay for easy look up by retail customers. You can read more about eBay and parts compatibility here.

Repco is a division of GPC Asia which is arguably the largest automotive aftermarket parts specialist channel in Australia and New Zealand. The group also includes other product and service brands like Motospecs and Ashdown-Ingram. More details here.