Monroe Australia signs on as a PARts supplier and data provider

PARts is proud to announce that Monroe Australia has now joined on as a PARts data supplier.


Monroe is part of the Tenneco group and a core TecDoc global data supplier. Like many other international brands and parts manufacturers they have also become a PARts Australia data supplier to further support the Australian industry and market.

Monroe sees PARts as a key solution to providing a standard data source, integrated with the TecDoc global standard as a way to improve product and fitment data distribution to all their Australia customers and joining the product fitment e-cosystem.

“Monroe are key TecDoc supporters and are active with the standard both here and globally. We see them as naturally supporters of the PARts systems.” says Andrew Mattock of TecDoc Australia

The PARts e-cosystem allows suppliers like Monroe to provide high quality data relevant to the local market quickly rolled out to sellers, while still being compatible with the global TecDoc standard. PARts allows Monroe to aggregate, share and distribute both global and local product fitment data including images and other rich content. This data is then available to subscribers like parts sellers as one data stream while allowing the Aussie team to manage all the information in one system.

Monroe is part of the global Tenneco Group, which has a large manufacturing presence in the automotive parts business. Monroe have been in the automotive industry since the early 1900’s, and since their development of the first original equipment passenger vehicle shock absorbers, they have been a world leader in suspension, shocks and ride control products. Monroe have successfully brought many groundbreaking products and technologies to the market, including their Sensa-trac, Reflex and Quick-Strut and CCES (Continuous Control Electronic Suspension). Monroe have made significant advancements in vehicle performance and safety, and have had a significant influence on the global automotive market.


Monroe are key Original Equipment Manufacturers supplying major car manufacturers such as Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus. For more information regarding Monroe Australia and their products go to