MTQ Engine Systems powering online with PARts B2


‘...with the help of the team at PARts Australia we now have an industry leading internal catalogue and B2B online solution. Every challenge we faced the team came up with a solution



Australia’s largest and best known diesel & turbo aftermarket sales and service provider is powering online using PARts technology.

According to Ian Kennedy, MTQ’s E-Commerce Manager – “Every challenge we faced, the PARts team came up with a solution. I am extremely happy with our current offering and look forward to working with PARts to further enhance our online presence.”

MTQ Engine Systems is now a division of Bapcor Limited and offers a wide range of turbochargers and diesel fuel Injection products and services through a comprehensive national network of 11 dedicated branches plus a further 11 regional distributors .

Over the last 40 years, MTQ has developed a comprehensive range of products comprising of all the leading global and local brands including Sonic, Rapid, DTS, Bosch, Denso, Garrett, BorgWarner, Delphi, Schwitzer, Bully Dog, Holset, IHI and many more.

MTQ also has fully equipped service centres nationwide with highly skilled trades’ people on staff and are quality assured to ISO 9001. All service centres are backed up with a comprehensive range of spare parts. We offer a wide range of specialty products & services for the automotive, mining, marine, rail, earth moving, transport, agriculture and power generation industries.

The breadth and depth of product, catalogue and technical knowledge meant that the company needed to find a powerful, scalable and comprehensive data management solution that could easily integrate into e-commerce and online tools for their staff and dealers while working with global standards.

“The nature of our business meant we had a huge challenge to produce an online catalogue and e-commerce solution. We have many specific requirements unique to our industry and with the help of the team at PARts Australia we now have an industry leading internal catalogue and B2B online solution” says Ian.

PARts DB product catalogue solution provides the data grunt to deliver over 400,000 potential product items from local and global data, linked to TecDoc and MTQ’s own specialised in-house technical data providing the best of both worlds. Using PARts CED, Ian and the product managers could leverage the enormous data detail available through TecDoc while adding a comprehensive and powerful layer of specialised industry detail – detail that crystallises their 40 years of specialised experience.



This formed the backbone of the MTQ online catalogue and data delivery solution with PARts B2 called in as the go-to e-commerce and online portal for their staff and customers alike.

PARts B2 is managed and hosted by PARts so MTQ can focus on data and e-commerce service. This is made possible through a tight integration between B2 and MTQ’s inventory control system allowing visibility of available inventory at multiple branches, exact net pricing per customer and all the expected services provided by a state of the art cloud based system.

However, PARts B2 has a couple more tricks up its sleeve to help MTQ.

PARts Auto Catalogue function has been expanded to work in PARts B2, allowing Ian and the team to robotically build and publish Trade Specials and Flyers tailored with pricing and current deals for any customer, at any time and with the push of a button.



Further enhancements include specialised coupon and incentive systems to help dynamically promote the brand and its products to their customers 24/7.

We look forward to expanding the PARts services and solutions to help MTQ drive value for their business. You can read more about MTQ here.

Details of PARts B2 e-commerce B2A solution are available here.