Nulon adds lubricant and vehicle fitment oil data to PARts DB

We are very pleased to announce that Nulon has now completed and uploaded their latest lubricant product data, including comprehensive fitment information, for the Australian market.

All Nulon data subscribers will now be able to see specific product information from this iconic Australian brand tailored for your customer and their vehicle.

PARts DB worked with Nulon to help them map and store all the lubricant data needed for online oil selection like service grade, fill rates and quantities and alternative products for a true good – better – best solution outcome. PARts Console interface was used to manage and store the data using industry standards like Autodata and TecDoc.



Customers like Sparesbox have already used this data to help make quality recommendations to their customers, while also using the data to power their Sparesbox Service solution for mobile car servicing including logbook and factory services.



We’d like to thank Nulon for their support and look forward to working with all our PARts customers to benefit auto parts brands, supplier and sellers.

Contact the PARts DB team about oil and lubricant data.