PARts Console Subscription Management Module for self service data subscription management

PARts Console Subscription Management module (SMM) is designed to help data creators and suppliers as well as data users like sellers to easily see and request access to various brand data and or invite sellers to access their brand data.

That is;

  • A brand or supplier can control who can see or subscribe to their data including sellers or data users
  • A seller or data subscriber user can see what brands are available in the system and request permission to access that data

This module is designed to allow the process to be managed entirely within the PARts Online system by the PARts subscriber including permission requests, approvals and real-time access to data via the entire PARts DB system.

Its your data and PARts SMM lets you control it better than ever.

Talk to the PARts team about how SMM can help you manage subcriptions. PARts users can also check out the detailed instructions and how-to articles in the knowledge base.