New to PARts Console: Template products

In the recent v6.2.7.0 update to PARts Console, we added the ability to create Template products. This feature allows admin users and product managers to save time, reduce errors and improve consistency when creating multiple products from the same family or with similar features.

What does it look like in PARts Console?

In PARts Console, select or create a product that you wish to be a template for future products. In the ‘Product Status’ dropdown, select ‘Template’. This will mark the selected product as a template and place a little ‘blank sheet’ icon next to it in the product grid.

Now, add a new product. You will be presented with a list of your template products, simply select the desired template and press ‘Create Product From Template’. This will duplicate the template product, ready for you to tweak!

To learn more about this feature and how PARts can benefit you, contact the PARts team.