PARts DB Online v6.2.13.0 update release summary

Here is a list of new features and BAU (business as usual) PARts DB Online updates for v6.2.13.0, dated 18th January 2021

Details of these updates are available via the Alert feature on PARts DB Console, but here is a summary.

New features:

  • Product Fitment Data can now be uploaded in bulk via PARts Console. This complements our existing suite of bulk upload features by allowing users to save a significant amount of time when adding fitments to numerous products at once. The upload accepts both Excel and JSON files, allowing you to work in whatever format is most convenient.
  • Significant and ongoing upgrades to both our NZ and AU VIN/Rego translation services. We have added several extra behind-the-scenes steps to our VIN/Rego services that leverage large amounts of vehicle data to improve the accuracy and coverage of these services.


  • The CED Categories grid is now sortable for easier and more convenient data manipulation.
  • The display order of brands per CED category is now customizable within Console. This feature gives users control over how brands appear on their e-commerce site/s.

Bugs Squashed:

  • Various minor bugs removed.


We are always working to improve your experience in the PARts DB platform through new features and improvements across the product. Many improvements are made based on your feedback, so feel free to share your experience with us, good or bad! Stand by for a further update and release in the next few weeks including:

  • PARts Compare module.
  • Ability for customers to manage their own brand data subscriptions.