PARts DB Online v6.2.6.0 update release summary

Here is a list of new features and BAU (business as usual) PARts DB Online updates for v6.2.6.0, dated 19th June 2020

Details of these updates are available via the Alert feature on PARts DB Console but here is a summary.

New features:

    • The all new PARts Online ‘Enterprise‘ feature allows enterprise level customers to manage multiple business units and Companies under a single enterprise high level account. Key features of the enterprise module include:
      • Each business unit or Company can have their own CED, which can be pushed or inherited to other business units or Companies
      • Single “God view” down through all business units and Companies
      • Enterprise brand data and subscription control
      • Enterprise user control, with cascading permissions and controls
      • Enterprise reporting, users can import and export data to all companies under them


  • CED Category to Attributes linking allows you to setup custom filtering and grouping of products within a CED Category on your PARts B2 site. For example, if you have a product category called Brake Pads, you can setup filters for height, width, material etc to make it easier for your customer to find the right product.
  • ‘Product Sets’ now allow you to control data subscription at a product level, give your sellers access to all of your product range, or just a portion.
  • Added user last login date/time column to Accounts page.

Bugs Squashed:

  • Various minor bugs removed.

We are always working to improve your experience in the PARts DB platform through new features and improvements across the product. Many improvements are made based on your feedback, so feel free to share your experience with us, good or bad! Stand by for a further update and release in the next few weeks including:

  • All new graphical user interface for managing CED Product Links
  • Upgraded product and vehicle data grids