PARts DB Online v6.2.7.0 update release summary

Here is a list of new features and BAU (business as usual) PARts DB Online updates for v6.2.7.0, dated 20th August 2020

Details of these updates are available via the Alert feature on PARts DB Console but here is a summary.

New features:

  • Added a graphical interface for managing CED product links. This gives you the ability to view product links in a tree format and can be accessed from within the Data tab of PARts Console. With this new feature you can:
    • Visually see links between products and the link type.
    • Add or remove links using a simple drag and drop interface.
    • Save time and effort when setting up your CED.
  • Added a dashboard for VIN/Rego customers that allows them to view the numbers of calls they have made, charges and other metrics over any time period they choose.
  • ‘Template’ product status added, allowing admin users to create and manage template products that save time and reduce errors when creating numerous similar products.


  • Added a ‘quantity’ field to CED Product Linkage.
  • Added a SKU toggle to the product grid, allowing customers to view CED SKUs in the grid if they wish to.
  • Upgraded product and vehicle data grids.
  • Added a service that allows our customers to view and export TecAlliance data.
  • VOR count service now restricted by country.

Bugs Squashed:

  • Various minor bugs removed.


We are always working to improve your experience in the PARts DB platform through new features and improvements across the product. Many improvements are made based on your feedback, so feel free to share your experience with us, good or bad! Stand by for a further update and release in the next few weeks including:

  • Ability to update CED data through bulk imports.
  • Motorcycle vehicle standards service.