PARts introduces the power of kitting and bundling for auto parts sellers

PARts Kitting Overview_1

Introducing the most powerful tool in the online auto parts market – PARts Kitting and Bundling.

PARts now lets auto parts sellers build any type of product kit or bundle across different brands and product types. A world first, the Kitting and Bundling service uses the database grunt behind PARts Online and Console to build anything from simple product pairs like rotors or shocks to full service kits.

Want to offer a service kit including an oil filter, oil and a sump plug? No problem.

Look up the car you want to cover then simply drag and drop parts from your subscribed brands on to the Kitting and Bundling box to create a new SKU that’s unique to you, the seller. Its that easy.

Meanwhile, PARts does the fitment mapping heavy lifting in the background and creates a unique catalogue and fitment data set just for that kit. You can enhance it further adding images, changes titles, descriptions and tailoring the data to suit you and your customers.

SEO and keyword optimisation is important for our customers so PARts Kitting and Bundling lets you duplicate and clone kits and bundles tweaking the promoted fitment links, keywords, descriptions and those all important titles to make sure your listings are right in front of your customers.

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PARts Kitting and Bundling is a powerful and unique optional service for parts Sellers to be able to better merchandise, customise and value add supplier product data to better suit their customers. Its part of the PARts CED range of tools that help sellers create a point of difference.

It works with your own fitment data held within PARts or via subscribed data like TecDoc – have the best of both worlds.

You can read more about PARts Kitting and Bundling here or contact us for a demo.