PARts adds new knowledge base, content feedback and support system



PARts Support is a comprehensive knowledge base, product support and solutions system available for PARts customers including system FAQ’s and content community forums to allow for sharing of knowledge and solutions. Click the link to see PARts Support home.

PARts Support is specifically built for PARts registered customers with most areas closed to non-users. Customers can access it via help links and PARts Console knowing that the knowledge shared is for the benefit of the PARts community.

Apart from PARts tech and support staff using it to answer questions, its also ideal for product data, catalogue and related fitment information to help parts sellers and data subscribers to get updates on fitment and possible issues with published data. This includes TecDoc and other system brands.

PARts encourages all suppliers and data providers to support the system to make their data more relevant and useful for their customers.

The new system includes;

  • Solutions area with FAQ’s, how-to and other knowledge base links to PARts products and services. It’s the virtual help system for PARts.
  • Forums for community knowledge share of product and fitment data. The first place to go if you have an auto parts product related question or query.
  • Tickets is where we deal with specific customer issues allowing you to see what’s relevant to you.

Clink this link to learn more about PARts Support