Introducing Product Sets in PARts Console

Added in the v6.2.6.0 update to PARts Console, product sets allow data owners to control what data their sellers receive at the product level. You can choose to give any of your sellers access to an entire brand, or just a portion of the catalogue. This gives you greater control over managing your products.

What does it look like in PARts Console?

In PARts Console, navigate to the Product Set tab (within the Data tab). Select a brand from the dropdown list. Here you will see a list of all of your product sets. Sets can be added or modified here.

If we click a product set, we can view it’s details. As shown below, a product set contains a list of products as well as a list of companies who are receiving these products. You can subscribe each seller any number of product sets. Sellers will only have access to the products in the sets they are assigned for a given brand, if you wish for a particular seller to receive all products, simply don’t assign them any product sets.

For existing PARts customers, there is a detailed article available in the Knowledge Base on how to setup Product Sets. For more information on how PARts can benefit your business, contact the PARts team.