Send your PARtsDB catalogue data to GPC Repco – now with Reverse Load option

PARts is pleased to announce that the GPC Reverse Load option is now working.

Talk to us about faster and more efficient ways to start using global standards while getting your and supplier GPC and your other customers.

GPC Asia Pacific is one of Australia’s largest automotive aftermarkets parts suppliers and they can now work with PARts brands and suppliers using TecDoc data format.

GPC Asia Pacific are the supplier behind some of Australia’s largest auto parts sellers including leading brands like NAPA, RepcoSparesbox and AMX for motorcycle parts. PARts customers and brands can already provide TecDoc format data to Sparesbox.

PARts Console also offers a ‘Catalogue (per country)’ export report that is available to all brands and supplier customers and this report can now be used by the GPC catalogue team.  

GPC have a TecDoc license and can receive TecDoc format data including KTypes and Standard Descriptions. This allows PARts TecDoc format customers, suppliers and brands to provide data to the GPC systems via a standardised report, saving time and hastle.

If you are a PARts customer and work with GPC, we recommend talking to your contact in the GPC Asia Pacific Catalogue Department.

If you require custom reporting or a specialised data format for your business, don’t hesitate to contact the PARts team.