New Korean and Japanese brands join TecAlliance

These important Korean and Japanese parts brands are joining TecAlliance adding over 330,000 product fitment links to the Asia Pacific auto parts fitment catalogue.

These include;

  • 555 Steering & Suspension
  • Hong Sung Brake
  • Mando
  • MK Kashiyama
  • Sangsin Brake (HiQ)
  • Seiken
  • SpeedMate
  • YEC Ignition

This “European” standard now has over 70 people employed in the ASEAN region adding vehicles, brands and catalogue data for the local market to improve data availability and aftermarket parts sales.

TecAlliance is the home of TecDoc and the MVL vehicle table. We understand that new Asian focused data is being added both to K-Type passenger, light commercial and heavy duty truck N-Type vehicle tables so expect to see more truck catalogue fitment data too.

Parts sellers and data subscribers will be able to access all this data along with the other new suppliers in the pipeline through PARts DB and PARts Online.

Contact PARts or TecAlliance Australia for more information about access to these brands.