TecAlliance Releases New Truck and Heavy Vehicle N-Type Table for Australia

PARts DB are delighted to announce the release of the TecAlliance TecDoc Australian heavy vehicle and truck N-Type VML and vehicle table. The new table has been specially built with local input for the Australian and New Zealand markets covering 90% plus of all 6.5 tonne plus rigid trucks and tractor units.

This includes popular Japanese trucks like Canter, Fuso, Hino, Isuzu and UD alongside the popular European models. Just as important are the Kenworths, Western Star, Freightliner and other variants featuring North American engines, drivetrain and suspension options rounding out the coverage.

The N-Type table is unique in that it allows for much more complex fitment linking relationships making it easier for customers. Product managers and brands can link to specific engines, drivetrain and or suspension systems regardless of the chassis or brand platform. PARts Console Heavy Vehicle Management module will let you filter by any of these attributes across all makes and models to quickly and easily link by core feature.*

The extra benefit of this is the ability to search and select by these attributes on your web site or e-commerce portal. This opens a number of other options for PARts IQ Search functionality for a much better user experience for your customer.

As TecAlliance is now managing local vehicles locally in Australia, we can expect to see many more options and vehicles added to he table more quickly.

Contact PARts to learn more about this service and TecAlliance Australia for more information about licencing.

* PARts Console Heavy Vehicle Management and engine, chassis or suspension system linking user interface is currently in beta release and due for release in July 2019. Contact PARts DB team for more details.