PARts Support – Knowledge Base, feedback forum and product solutions system

PARts Support is a comprehensive knowledge base and product support solutions system available for customers including system FAQ’s and content community forums to allow for sharing of knowledge and solutions. You can access PARts Support here

PARts Support is available to help and support users and customers with using PARts products, services and content. Every registered PARts user and customer should receive an email from the Support system inviting them to create a password.

The service is split in to open and closed areas, closed being for registered PARts users and containing more detailed discussion and tech for our products and services. The open areas may contain general features and overviews of the system and how it works. The closed area is automatically accessible for PARts registered users and via PARts Console.

PARts Support allows for fuzzy search across topics, key words and meta tags to help you find the best answers as quickly as possible. Key areas for users and customers include;

Solutions – for registered PARts users only
The Knowledge Base area that contains questions and answers including FAQ’s about PARts DB, Console, B2 and any related program or data functionality. Its effectively the default online help area for all PARts products and services. Use the fuzzy search or text lookup to find the best article or answer for your question. You can also leave Feedback for our team.



Forums – for registered PARts users only
Forums are a PARts community forum to share knowledge and feedback about PARts products and services. Just as important is the focus on sharing auto parts product and fitment information for all our suppliers and brands.

Your PARts Feedback emails are automatically added to the community forum with responses and actions from PARts staff to help identify and solve issues with product and fitment data.

You can also contribute to other topics as well as starting new ones. PARts suppliers are encouraged to use this resource to help their data user customers to make the most of their data and improve the details and accuracy for everyone in the community.

Note that for product and fitment issues and question, topics are named with the brand and part number. For example, the example in the image has a topic heading of “Gates 11A0610” so this relates Gates part number 11A0610 making it easier to search for information by brand and part number.



Tickets – for registered PARts users only
The Tickets area is where we lodge and manage customer support tickets for the program and content like product or fitment data. Unlike the Forum, each user see’s their own support tickets and can easily follow issues that have been escalated or referred to others for answers or processing.



PARts Support will continually be improved and we look forward to your feedback to help us with this process.