CED Custom Category Management in PARts Console

PARts uses data standards where possible and that means following standard product descriptions and category structures.

One of the key systems is the TecDoc Standard Description number and matching text that is used in PARts to link to the TecDoc system.

However, some customers may want their own categories for the products they offer instead of the TecDoc categories which is the Standard Description structure. So, we added the ability for our customers to create their own categories  found under CED(Company Enhanced Data) Categories Management in PARts Console.

PARts Custom Categories are unlimited in number of levels and parts links.

That is, one product can be linked to 1 or 100+ categories and you can have 10x levels of category hierarchy. For example a Commodore fuel pump can be linked to a “Fuel Pump”  category and a “Commodore Parts” category at the same time.

The category can be a sub-category of others or a prime category in its own right.

Custom Categories also allows a PARts Seller customer to mimic popular e-commerce categories like eBay. The Seller can set these up in PARts and export them to their preferred listing tool to link up with their eBay store.

Equally, Custom Categories can be used in PARts B2 e-commerce solution to replace the TecDoc standard descriptions.

 You can go to Custom Categories it by clicking Console–>Data–>Categories(beta) tab.
Here is the screenshot of the page and how it is organized.
You can drag and move categories from one category to another as seen on the screenshot below. If you move the category from one to another, all products linked to that category will be moved as well.

When adding products to a category, the product needs to have CED data already, meaning it has a CEDSKU assigned to it.

You can select the category you would like to add for your products, and then click Add Products on the right panel.

Screenshot below shows the window to select products you want to link to the category. At the top, you can see a legend of what each icon means.