PARts Console Now Has HTML WYSIWYG Editor

PARts have added HTML WYSIWYG editor in PARts Console to help the customer manage their “long descriptions” and make even richer data.

PARts has 3 types of “long description”:

  • Product Retail Description: Works as a marketing focused description for the product which has a 2000 character limit;
  • Fitment Retail Description: Works as a marketing focused description for the fitment side and has 4000 characters limit;
  • Enhanced Company Product Description: A dedicated field for sellers to add their own description for any of the products they subscribed to from the supplier and with a 2000 character limit;
The HTML WYSIWYG Editor now has two different versions in PARts, the plain or simple editor and an advanced option.
The plain HTML Editor shows up right away when you click on the text box of any of the “long description” mentioned above.

Before you enter the plain HTML Editor:

HTML Editor 1

Click the text box to use HTML Editor:

html editor 2

On the other hand, the Advanced HTML Editor provides the ability to edit Retail text in a pop-up by clicking on the Advanced Editor button in the left bottom corner(refer above) , and meanwhile it also includes more useful tools to be used for your HTML code.

Edit in pop-up after click the ‘Advanced Edit’ button:

HTML Editor 3


This new features allows for lots of extra oomph for descriptions and product information making it richer than ever. Talk to the PARts team about how to get the most out of your product listings and descriptions using this feature.