New Feedback System in PARts Console

PARts believes that understanding our customers’ needs and their point of view is very important. That’s why we constantly optimize PARts Console to provide a better user experience.

The new PARts Feedback System is an easy tool for our customers to provide feedback for supplier data and our software to improve the overall PARts user experience.

Every page of PARts Console now has the new “Feedback” button on the top right that launches the Feedback dialogue pop-up box.

PARts automatically knows your account and the current page you are using so all you need to do is;

  • choose the “Feedback type”
  • add a “Message”
  • add an Image or “Screenshot.
  • choose “Submit” to send it direct to PARts or the Supplier

Customers can choose “Content Feedback” for any supplier data related issue knowing the feedback will go straight to the supplier or brand. Or, choose “BUG Feedback” for any PARts system issues.

The “Message” box can also help customers enter comments describing the issue with the image or screenshot making it clear and easy to see what you were looking at the time.

There are two ways to attach the screenshot:

One, click the “Take Screenshot” button in the bottom left of the Feedback dialogue pop-up box (refer below).

Feedback take screenshot


Or two, paste your own image using the instructions provided. To do this;

1. Click “Hide” to hide the pop-up box so you can make up your own screenshot like below;


Feedback take screenshot yourself1


2. Then Click “Continue Feedback”(refer below) to come back to the Feedback dialogue box;


continue feedback


3. Click the Message box (make sure the cursor is in the box) and use CTRL+V to paste your own image or screenshot (refer below).


Feedback take screenshot yourself2


With the screenshot, our team and or data suppliers can understand the issue better and fix it sooner.

Use PARts Feedback function to improve your data and the service for a win-win.